The GT featured in this newsletter has been an ongoing project for a few years now. Gus came to use for some NA work where we did a CJ intake with PBH CAI with Comp stage 3 cams. We were able to squeeze out 480rwhp from that combo. Later we got Gus hooked up with a take off Roush supercharger to really step up the power. Once on, he knew the stock trans was going to be an issue, so in went a complete 6r80 swap with a PBH built 6r80 and Circle D converter. After the swap we laid into the engine again this time adding our budget longblock, ARH Longtube headers, Lund Racing Remote tuning, and a Fore Innovations E85 fuel system. A VMP 8 rib pulley upgrade and some more boost allowed us to squeeze 809rwhp out of Gus’s GT.

We have enjoyed hitting all of the goals set for us on this project and Gus now has one killer ride. The beauty of this project is that it was all done here in house at PBH with our line of products.

If your looking for any info on these products, feel free to contact us directly.

Here are some links to what we used on Gus’s GT:

PBH Built 6r80 Transmission

Circle D converter

ARH Longtube Headers

PBH Built Coyote Longblock

PBH Custom Coil Cover Plates

Lund Racing Remote tuning

5617372331 or email us with any questions.

Thank you Gus!
PBH Performance

For more info and pictures on the build, visit Gus’s Portfolio on our site