Ron’s Boss Shinoda came to us already well on its way as a performance build. Sporting a Sean Hyland built 4.6L 3v and a Vortech Supercharger, the Boss was making a hint over 600rwhp through the manual transmission. We opted to swap out the manual for a Lenntech built 4R70w auto and made the car a bit easier to drive. As time went one we encountered some issues with the engine with base oil pressure and decision time began. Repair or swap it out with a Coyote powerplant. After some thought Ron came back to us with the green light to drop in the Coyote. So began the swap.

We knew we needed to at least make what we were before and have some room for upgrades later. A Ford Racing Coyote engine was ordered along with a VMP Gen II supercharger. Our Coyote Swap Accessory Brackets were used to retain the factory AC and power steering with very little modification needed. Since we have an alternator bracket designed for the VMP Supercharger, belt routing was a breeze. We also picked up a set of ARH Longtube headers in 1-7/8 and a Fore Innovations return style fuel system good for E85 in the future. The newer pcm in the control pack presented a special issue related to the throttle body calibration so we fabricated a throttle body spacer to allow use of the Whipple throttle body that was already in service on so many of our other builds. This would allow Lund Racing to handle the tuning with ease. Once we got it all together what we ended up with was 600+rwhp with a ton more torque through out the rpm range.

The Shinoda is now a whole new car with tons of power everywhere. Along with the new power plant we did have to update the gauges as communication with the stock cluster proved a bit to trouble some. We customized the stock dash to accept a set of 5 inch Auto Meter Cobalt gauges. Tachometer in the one and speedometer in the other. The shift light got re positioned to cover up some of the dead gauges no longer in use.

Under the hood we machined out a custom set of coil covers for the coyote so that the Boss Shinoda heritage would follow along with the new power plant. When it was all said and done we have created a very special Boss Shinoda with a new lease on life via Power By The Hour Performance.

We want to thank Ron for choosing PBH for the build and hope he enjoys it as much as we enjoyed building it.