9.53 @143

Scott’s GT is yet another test for our XBA Inlet being used on the Roush TVS. The XBA is designed for the Trinity 2.3L TVS found on the GT500. With an adaptor PBH has designed to use the inlet as a bolt on to add the KB 168mm monoblade we are finding an extra 30+rwhp over other dual bore aftermarket throttle bodies. Lund Racing did all the tuning remotely and right off the trailer the car is moving and shifting as it should.

Here is a quick rundown of the setup:

Livernois Shortblock with Billet oil pump gears, ported heads with 1mm over size valves.
– FRPP Cams
– Roush TVS, 69mm pulley
PBH XBA inlet with KB 168mm Oval TB
Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors, e85 fuel, Fore fuel system twin 465LPH fuel pumps.
– PMAS 120mm
– Pypes stepped 1-3/4×1-7/8 LT, 3″ off road x, Magnaflow street mufflers.
6R80 with Circle D3600-3800 triple disc, built with clutches and input shaft.