Recently Caleb Richards from The Foxcast sat down with our own Frank Perdomo to discuss the background of PBH, Coyote Swaps, PBH Products, and what the future holds for PBH. We make a special announcement during the interview so listen to hear about that. Caleb and Frank speak about Coyote swaps and even Ecoboost swaps as being a viable option for Fox Mustang owners

The Foxcast is a site that dedicates itself to the Foxbody Mustangs, trends, events, and installs. In the past a lot of the tech and podcast centered around the traditional changes related to the Fox Mustang from 1979-1993. With the Coyote swap becoming more and more popular in the chassis our products have become a good source to get the swap done in the older Fox Mustangs. If your a Fox owner, this site is a good source for up to date tech and unique interviews with industry leaders about the Fox chassis in particular.

Thank you to National Parts Depot for sponsoring the show and to Caleb for reaching out to us. We enjoyed doing it and look forward to doing it again soon.

Power By The Hour Performance specializes in Modular Ford powered Mustangs. We offer service, repair, and tuning for 2005-newer Mustangs. We also specialize in Coyote Swap and GT500 Engine Swap projects. We have a line of products that is centered around Coyote Swaps and also the 6R80 Automatic Transmission. We offer complete 6r80 transmissions built in house here at PBH. We also have 6r80 Powertrain Control Pack’s that allow full factory use of the 6r80 in a Coyote swapped or GT500 swapped build. PBH has also expanded this line by adding needed transmission cooler fittings, shift levers, and more to help anyone doing a 6r80 Coyote swap find the solutions needed to complete the job.

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