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Featured in F100 Builders Guide for 6R80 Swap

Featured! We have worked with the guys over at Fat Fender Garage before, but recently they caught the 6R80 bug and without a doubt gave us a call. This install just happened to be covered by the all new F100 Builders Guide that is on your news stands now. In the article Fat Fender installs [...]


Coyote Swap Cerberus Mustang by Spectro Racing

Start your Monday off with a cup of coffee and a look at the Spectro Racing "Cerberus Mustang". The car is a one off 1970 Mach 1 that is being completely transformed from the ground up. For power a PBH Crate motor consisting of a Ford Racing Aluminator, topped with a VMP Gen II R [...]


DreamGiveaway 1965 GT350CR with Coyote Power

Check out this Shelby GT350CR Experimental from Classic Recreations. It is 65 with a complete restoration and just about every Shelby item you can throw on it. This one is a little bit more special with the addition of the Supercharged Coyote engine which happens to feature our Coyote Engine Swap Accessory drive brackets that [...]


Todd Thompson’s Foxbody Coyote Swap

Customer Spotlight: Todd Thompson PBH client and builder Jeremy Dover has just completed another Fox Coyote Swap. This one is for Todd Thompson and it really is looking good. Jeremy used our Coyote Swap Accessory Engine Brackets, 6R80 Powertrain Control Pack, 6R80 shift lever, and 6R80 Transmission Cooler fittings. Jeremy has a few more projects [...]


Walter Tait’s Foxbody Coyote Swap

Customer spotlight: Walter Tait PBH customer Walter Tait just finished his ASC Mclaren Fox Mustang and sent us over some pictures of the car completed. The results are really cool and Walter is happy. This car is setup with a Gen 1 Coyote engine and 6R80 6 speed automatic transmission. He is using a full [...]


Josh Garringer’s Coyote Swapped Thunderbird

Customer spotlight: Josh Garringer Check out Josh Garringer's Ford Thunderbird! Not only has he Coyote swapped it, he supercharged it using a Department of Boost kit and a take off GT500 SC all while also using a 6R80 Automatic. He did a great job and we congratulate him on getting near completion. Josh used our [...]


Battle of the Builders SEMA 2017

Lukasz Granicy of Needfulthingz Hot Rod Shop entered the SEMA Battle of the Builders for 2017 with his 1955 Ford F100. Lukasz and his team built the truck with Coyote power and to top it off, a Kenne Bell Supercharger. If you know our product line we do not offer a direct fit accessory bracket [...]

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