The 4R200 made it out to the track!

Don Bedra’s 2014 GT500 came to us from Ohio for the swap from manual to auto. The car made 750rwhp on the PBH dyno with Lund Racing doing the tuning. The GT500 is probably one of the smoothest running cars we have produced. At the track it held it’s own laying down consistent low 10 second passes in the 130+mph range. The best was a 10.1@136 which is in this video.

We want to thank Don for giving us the opportunity to put this together. I think the results exceeded his expectations.

Driver: Josh Foster
Lund Racing
Tom Matson

Background on the 4R200
After working and racing with the 6r80 automatic transmission for years we found a weak spot in the forward planetary. In testing we found that by making a hub to replace the planet, we could also manipulate the gear ratio. Working closely with our tuning partners at Lund Racing we came up with the 4R200 hub. more info…

Here is a video review of the 4R200 in the same car from Alex Flores(YDBT) driving around town showing the street manors of the car.