Lethal Performance takes their Whipple Supercharged 2018 GT into the 9’s

»»Lethal Performance takes their Whipple Supercharged 2018 GT into the 9’s


Lethal Performance specializes in Ford and Mustang Performance. They have been known to take stock GT’s and Cobra’s to the limit with a full compliment of products from their own lineup. PBH has been there to build a lot of these great builds over the years. Their 2018 A10 GT is just another build in that heritage. They started with baseline dyno performance, bolt on performance parts, and track test. In doing so found the stock axles really did not like the abuse and had to upgrade them right away. Shortly after exhaust was done and more Lund Racing tuning. Now all that testing was fun and it does prove performance gains for the more popular products out there but we all wanted to see what boost would do. Well being that Lethal is one of the largest Whipple distributors they naturally got the latest generation Supercharger. PBH got the call to install the all new kit and the results were solid. 700+rwhp on pump gas and E85 along with 9 second time slips for a bolt on ride.

There is more planned for project Goldmember in the future. For now, make sure you subscribe to Lethal’s Youtube Channel to get the latest updates and product reviews.



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