Recently the team from Mustang Monthly Magazine was part of the 2018 Week To Wicked Mustang build. Mark Houlahan(seen in the video) and Mike Johnson are editors for the known publication. The build was a 1967 Fastback which was treated to a all new 2018 5.0L Coyote for power. This is cutting edge stuff as the car was one of the first recipients of the FRPP control pack for the Gen 3.

The guys from Mustang Monthly tasked us for the Power Steering solution. We had not tested our Accessory Bracket kits on a Gen 3 2018 Coyote just yet. This project was going to be the first test fit on the all new engine. After Mark and Mike received the parts they dug right in creating clearance to the timing cover per our instructions and fitting the PBH Power Steering Bracket and AC brackets. No issues were found. They got into the Alternator bracket and again had no issues. So we are happy to let everyone know that our bracket kit will work now on the Gen 3 engines. We are also working with known Supercharger manufacturers on updating our kits to work with the Gen 3 specific superchargers coming to market as well. We are looking forward to seeing even more Coyote swap’s in different projects.