We recently were contacted by Justin from American Muscle for a build they were doing for one very special young man. Matt had recently received a heart transplant and was asked what his wish was. After turning down the offer he revealed that his grandmother had gave him a Mustang and that it would be nice if the dents were pulled from it and given a new black paint job. From there the organization got in touch with American Muscle and the game was on. AM decided to not only give the Fox a fresh paint job, but a full Coyote Swap with 6R80 transmission and full compliment of mods from suspension, wheels, brakes, etc etc. They utilized our Speed Drive for NA Coyote along with a Lokar Shifter and our 6R80 Transmission Cooler fittings. All these parts along with a mountain more got the Fox to the state you see in the video. Justin gives you a thorough walk through of the build including some of our components.

We are happy for Matt and congratulate the AM team for putting this build together.