PBH now has a new solution for your Coyote Swap. For anyone doing a swap in a Fox Mustang the UPR Kmember is a solid choice to get the job done. When using aftermarket Kmembers the exhaust manifolds are a particular issue. As seen on our site we offer specific headers for the Maximum Motorsports Kmember from American Racing Headers. Now Ultimate Headers has come out with a new option especially for the 6R80 crowd. The headers are designed specifically for the UPR kmember used for Coyote Swaps in Fox Mustangs and found in Modular Ford applications. Additionally Ultimate Headers ensured fitment for the 6R80 was taken into account. The 1-7/8″ primaries and 3″ collector are a great option for both naturally aspirated and boosted applications. All kits come with Cometic gaskets, ARP bolts, Low Profile clamps, and 3″ collector lead with o2 bung. This lead can be positioned in any direction and used to attach to custom mid-pipes. For more information, click this link. 

Look for these headers to be used on Alex Flores upcoming project car. It is a 1979 Fairmont utilizing a built Coyote engine with Edelbrock 2650 Supercharger and our 4r200 transmission. The car will have a UPR Kmember to test fitment here at PBH.