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307, 2018

Lund Racing’s 4R200 equipped “Blue Goose” dips low into the 8’s during testing

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  Lund Racing's 2015 Test Mule is starting to lay down some scary ET's. The 3900lbs beast has made over 1300rwhp on the Lund Racing Dyno before. Now they are putting that power to the ground at the track. To do this they are utilizing the PBH 4R200 hub in [...]

307, 2018

Lethal Performance takes their Whipple Supercharged 2018 GT into the 9’s

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  Lethal Performance specializes in Ford and Mustang Performance. They have been known to take stock GT's and Cobra's to the limit with a full compliment of products from their own lineup. PBH has been there to build a lot of these great builds over the years. Their 2018 A10 [...]

2606, 2018

Mustang 360’s Week To Wicked Mustang to be #PBHEQUIPPED

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Mustang 360 is at it again with their Week To Wicked build. The plan is to take a car from its stock condition to completely wicked in one week.  They have done it before with an S197 Mustang and a 66' Coupe. This new version will be a fastback boasting [...]

2606, 2018

True Street Champion Mike Jovanis is going Coyote!

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Well when we say he is going Coyote, we are not referencing is well known 8 time winning True Street Fox that also completed Drag Week. We are indeed talking about Almond Joy which is his latest project. This coupe is a low production 1989 LX found in Arizona that [...]

905, 2018

“Heavy Hitter” A 1968 Lincoln built by Mobsteel

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Mobsteel in Detroit, MI prides itself on building cars and trucks that pay homage to history of the Motor City. They have built some of the cleanest and meanest custom rides to come out of Detroit in recent times. They also offer a full lineup of stunning Steel wheels made [...]

1704, 2018

Ready To Rock

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Chad Hanoman has been bringing his RTR GT to us for several years. The car really is an example of what a high performance daily driver can be. Why is that? well Chad has put over 100k on this GT, with well over half of that with the supercharger and [...]

1711, 2017

DreamGiveaway 1965 GT350CR with Coyote Power

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Check out this Shelby GT350CR Experimental from Classic Recreations. It is 65 with a complete restoration and just about every Shelby item you can throw on it. This one is a little bit more special with the addition of the Supercharged Coyote engine which happens to feature our Coyote Engine [...]

1311, 2017

Todd Thompson’s Foxbody Coyote Swap

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Customer Spotlight: Todd Thompson PBH client and builder Jeremy Dover has just completed another Fox Coyote Swap. This one is for Todd Thompson and it really is looking good. Jeremy used our Coyote Swap Accessory Engine Brackets, 6R80 Powertrain Control Pack, 6R80 shift lever, and 6R80 Transmission Cooler fittings. Jeremy [...]

1011, 2017

Walter Tait’s Foxbody Coyote Swap

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Customer spotlight: Walter Tait PBH customer Walter Tait just finished his ASC Mclaren Fox Mustang and sent us over some pictures of the car completed. The results are really cool and Walter is happy. This car is setup with a Gen 1 Coyote engine and 6R80 6 speed automatic transmission. [...]