October 2017
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808, 2017

Ford-powered 1966 Chevy Suburban

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Check out PBH customer Josh Munson's 66 Chevrolet Suburban. You might be wondering how a Suburban would be in any way related to PBH. Josh and his team at Green Mountain Gear Heads in Williston, Vermont used the PBH 6r80 Powertrain Control Pack to run his 5.4L GT500 engine. Not [...]

1606, 2017

New Product – 6R80 Transmission Harness

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We have released our latest product in our Coyote and 6R80 swap line. We now have our very own Transmission harness for the 6R80 transmission. It is designed for use in Coyote Engine swap cars utilizing the 6R80. We did this by trimming out all the unnecessary wiring and leaving [...]

2505, 2017

PHB-built 674whp Roush Supercharged GT

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Check out Matt's Roush Supercharged GT. We have been working with Matt on this car for year now and have done upgrades along the way. For Matt's build we installed the Roush Supercharger, Magnum T56, Wilwood Brakes, Suspension upgrades, Exhaust, and tuning. Our latest rounds of upgrades are the Fore [...]

2205, 2017

Ryan’s 2014 GT500 Project

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Ryan's 2014 GT500 came to us to max out performance on a stock TVS supercharger and stock bottom end. We could have just added boost; instead we opted to install our XBA Inlet with Kenne Bell 168mm monoblade along with a JLT 148mm cold air intake. We also added a [...]

1905, 2017

Test and Tune Interview

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We were testing our Twin Turbo build (owned by Joe Basile) out at Palm Beach international Raceway recently. The car is pretty well known for running well into the 8's on 20" wheels and 17" wheels all on drag radials - we were actually able to bring the MPH up [...]

1105, 2017

PBH Coyote-swapped Shop Car Goes to Sebring

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Take a ride around Sebring International Raceway with resident hot shoe "Firesuit Frank Perdomo" in his PBH-built Fox body Mustang. The car has a full compliment of Maximum Motorsports suspension, features a Coyote powerplant with Power By The Hour Performance coyote swap accessory brackets, Lund Racing tuned, Wilwood Disc Brakes [...]

1503, 2017

GT500 XBA Inlet Featured on FordNXT

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Recently, editor Steve Turner of FordNXT.com spoke with us about 2007-2014 Shelby GT500 bolt-on's available in the market. We mentioned our XBA Inlet for GT500 TVS 2.3L superchargers and it piqued an interest. A bolt-on item that can pack a punch like the XBA is something that all performance enthusiasts [...]

1303, 2017

Coyote-swapped 1963 Ford Falcon

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We get to work with a lot of enthusiasts that are building cars at all levels. Some are daily driver, some are street rod, race car, show car, etc. All of them have been a blast to work with and we are proud of their work. Roger Gaynor is no [...]

1402, 2017

Maximum Motorsports Roll Cage Build

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We recently got the call to put together a tech article with our friends at Race Pages with a Maximum Motorsports roll cage. Having done several MM roll bar/cage installations in the past we jumped at the opportunity to outfit one of our customers with a kick ass setup. Gus [...]

1402, 2017

We’re Featured on Ford Muscle

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We made the list! FordMuscle.com just released a list of their favorite Coyote Swaps and our 97 Cobra shop car made the cut. Not only did our shop car make the cut but 5 of the 10 cars on that list have PBH Performance Coyote Swap products on board which [...]

1402, 2017

Scott’s 9-second GT

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9.53 @143 Scott's GT is yet another test for our XBA Inlet being used on the Roush TVS. The XBA is designed for the Trinity 2.3L TVS found on the GT500. With an adaptor PBH has designed to use the inlet as a bolt on to add the KB 168mm [...]