New add in Fastest Street Car Magazine for PBH!

We have updated our ad in Fastest Street Car Magazine for the new year. Now prominently displayed are 4 of the fastest Mustangs using 6R80 Transmissions built by PBH. From left to right we have Joe Basile, Jon Lund, Alex Flores, and David Branson. We thank them all for choosing PBH for their 6R80 needs [...]


DBR High Performance and the 4R200 take on Drag Week 2018

Hot Rod Drag Week is an annual event where hundreds of drag racers from around the world come together for a unique racing week. Now typically you have a 2 or 3 day race weekend at one track and street driving is not part of the program unless its a 30 minute true street cruise. [...]

Coyote Swapped PBH Built Cobra Autocross! 360 video

Take a ride with PBH Employee Firesuit Frank Perdomo behind the wheel of the PBH Cobra. The car was built in house at PBH and is the test bed for all of our Coyote Swap Products. It is owned by Jake Long and it is one hell of a ride. Find all of the products [...]


PBH Coyote-swapped Shop Car Goes to Sebring

Take a ride around Sebring International Raceway with resident hot shoe "Firesuit Frank Perdomo" in his PBH-built Fox body Mustang. The car has a full compliment of Maximum Motorsports suspension, features a Coyote powerplant with Power By The Hour Performance coyote swap accessory brackets, Lund Racing tuned, Wilwood Disc Brakes Brake system, AJ Hartman Racing [...]


#PBHBuilt GT going 8’s

Some of you may already know about Joe Basile's PBH Built GT. It is running a Fluid Turbo Concepts twin turbo system that PBH had hand in developing. Joe's car is know as the 20 inch tire 8 second monster from years past. Before the recent trip to Bradenton to attend the Spring Break Shootout [...]

PBH on site for the NMRA opener in Bradenton.

What a weekend! The NMRA opener in Bradenton was yet another great event. We are grateful to have so many great customers that not only support PBH but are as passionate about racing as we are. We have a great group of supporters that make big weekends like this pasts one in Bradenton a lot [...]


VIDEO: PBH Power around Sebring International Raceway

You might of caught some recent pictures of PBH customer Jeff Lindstrom's Coyote swapped 1998 Cobra recently on our pages. Jeff is using a bone stock gt power plant along with longtube headers, custom PBH intake pipe, PBH Coyote swap brackets, and Lund Racing tuning. This past weekend he was out racing in American Iron [...]


PBH and Lund Racing take home King of the Street!

Annually 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords host's a King of the Street competition. PBH Performance is no stranger to the KOT's competition and format. We had previously taken three turbocharged rides to Kentucky. This time around we knew we had the field covered with the likes of the Twin Turbo 5.0 build and Coffeeman's Procharged [...]


Coffeeman breaks into the 8’s

By now you have seen and heard a lot about Coffeeman's Coyote. The evolution of the car has been well documented along side the Twin Turbo 5.0. The goal for both cars is the same. Be the fastest Mustangs on the planet while keeping gear as stock as possible. Items like the differential, transmission, full [...]


Worlds Quickest 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 – Video

A new record low ET has been set for all 2013 GT500 Mustangs. Lethal Performance, Ken Bjonnes of Lund Racing, and Power By The Hour Performance have put together the what is now the Worlds Quickest 2013 GT500 utilizing the best in the aftermarket arena. The Lethal Snake is using a 4.0L Whipple Supercharger, Division [...]

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