Coyote Swaps have been a big part of our success at PBH. They are not the easiest job due to how labor intensive they can be. When performing one on a Fox or New Edge Mustang you end up modify just about every end of the car  in one shape or form. This is why when we get asked to do one we tend to prepare the client to be involved in a dedicated build. A lot of times customers will focus on getting the engine and control pack only then realize later that the fuel system, ac , power steering, cooling system, and overall vehicle health. The older the car is usually the more work it will need to be a complete vehicle once again.

When Denny contacted us about swapping his 99 Chrome Yellow GT we went down the same path. The car had been sitting for sometime with a stock replacement 2v 4.6L engine in it and a centrifugal supercharger system. He had seen first hand what the 5.0L Coyote could do and was local to us here in Florida. We got the want list from him and went down it knowing we were getting a car with some miles and time on it. Once everything was agreed upon we ordered up the needed parts. In this case a Gen 2 Coyote engine from Ford Racing along with matching control pack. Our Coyote Swap Accessory Drive Bracket kit was called upon to refit the existing AC compressor and Power Steering pump to the Coyote engine. A full Maximum Motorsports suspension was added to the parts list along with a Holley Sniper intake manifold and some American Racing Coyote Swap Headers to round out the build. We did some custom fuel system changes to get the GT to run with a Return style system and called in our partners in performance from Lund Racing to do the tuning. After many hours of work and wiring we got the New Edge done and fired up. The results were solid and Denny had him a new power plant under the hood of his GT. One that not only was a huge improvement over his dated SC 4.6L engine, but would help him in make even more power in the future. As he shared with us, he wants to Supercharge it very soon.

We want to thank Denny for choosing PBH and want you to check out the write up on the car by Steve Turner in the article linked below.

This Coyote-Swap New Edge Is Ready To Party Like It’s 1999

The late ’90s were a transitional period for the Mustang. The SN-95 got off to a slow start with the first iteration of the Two-Valve 4.6-liter, and loyalists were gradually adapting to the styling after the storied 14-year run of Foxes. In 1999, it was time for a refresh.