A while back we got a call from Scott Mcmurry inquiring about a Coyote Swap for a project of his. The car was 69 Mach  Mustang he was building. We put together for him a nice FRPP Aluminator Coyote with a 2.3L VMP Gen II supercharger with our full accessory drive kit to add Power Steering. The engine went out and his build process took off. Telly Violetto of Violetto Customs was tasked to build the Mach. We have not had a chance to speak to Telly or Scott about the concept, that will be done in a upcoming build video. From what we gather Scott wanted a car that would have the power and the grip to compete in the Optima Ultimate Street Car competition. A  series regularly dominated by Bowties and Imports. What they came up with was a killer Coyote Powerplant from PBH that started with a VMP Gen 2 SC but was upgraded along the way to a Gen 3 2.6L version. For suspension we are told it is a full Detroit Speed setup ensuring there will be no lack of grip. Scott debuted Cerberus at SEMA 2018 although there are still some loose ends on the car. We are looking forward to catching up with Scott at the track with the car to do some video and get the full scoop on Cerberus.

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