Hot Rod Drag Week is an annual event where hundreds of drag racers from around the world come together for a unique racing week. Now typically you have a 2 or 3 day race weekend at one track and street driving is not part of the program unless its a 30 minute true street cruise. Well Drag Week takes that quite a bit further. They have several classes with varying index’s which all are just about unlimited. What really limits things is the driving between events. 5 race days with in a row at 4 different tracks and you can not trailer the car. So you make a pass, change tires, and hit the road. That is right, 6, 7, 8 second cars laying down 150+mph passes then loading up to drive to the next track. 1000 miles of street duty rain or shine.

So this brings us to our friends at DBR High Performance that had 4 cars at Drag Week with varying combinations. One of those was David Branson in his Gen 1 GT. The Lund Racing tuned GT is a full street car with AC, cruise control, satellite radio, and more. Under the hood is a LM Engines short block that was then built by TY  Tech to finish off the Coyote power plant. Fluid Turbo concepts manifolds were utilized in the DBR custom built twin turbo system. For the trans DBR uses the PBH 4R200 which is our highest lever 6R80 transmission. David Branson of DBR High Performance in regards to the 4R200 commented “this thing is just Gangster”.

The DBR built twin turbo ride laid down a best of 8.50@162mph with only 25psi of boost. The car tipped the scales at 4012lbs after that pass with David behind the wheel and half a tank of fuel. This combination yet again shows the capabilities of a 4R200 equipped setup. 1000 miles of street driving through changing weather combined with consistent mid 8 second passes and low 9 second passes shows what can be done with a PBH Built 4R200 transmission.  We want to congratulate the DBR team on a successful Drag Week and they finished top ten with all 4 cars under their flag.