Jason and his team at Fat Fender have been building classic trucks for a long time. They, like many builders, keep with the trends in whats next for the retro market. In older pickups there are a lot of different nuances as far as the look, powertrain, suspension, wheels, etc. The Ford guys always stuck with Ford power. Before the Coyote there really was not a sure fire go to engine that had power, ran smooth, had aftermarket support, and was universally accepted as THE ENGINE. The coyote changed all that and launched a wave of engine swaps that really brought the Ford Powered rides to the forefront. On that cutting edge are shops like Fat Fender Garage.

The 71 F100 in this video is a build that FFG finished a while back and was a test bed for their new front suspension kit for F100 trucks that want to swap in a Coyote Powertrain. There are a lot of options out there for updating the chassis on a truck like this. Those options range greatly in price. What Fat Fender has come up with is a kit to fit the Coyote engine into the stock frame. Along with other well known Coyote swap products, PBH Powertrain Control Pack, and a Lund Racing tune this 71 is a great example of what can be done in the garage without going off the deep end in the build. A lot of the components used are in kit form so any builder can really get into a build with a head start.

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