We spent most of a year building a beautiful 1993 Mustang Cobra for a customer by the name of Wayne Moomijam from Ft. Myers. Wayne came to us with a Cobra that had already been “built” and was quick. A Novi supercharged Windsor had resided under the hood propelling the Fox to many 9 second passes. The car had also been passed around quite a bit, in fact Wayne had bought and sold the Mustang several times. He loved the car none the less and acquired it again but this time things had changes. The Coyote was the new go to powerplant. His plans were big for the car but he did not have anywhere to take it. With some asking around and referrals from existing clients of ours in the area, he found PBH.

He came to us with a laundry list of wants and needs but nothing we had not done before or were afraid of not doing. A street car with 1000+rwhp that had AC and PS. We had done it in stock Coyote cars, GT500’s, and even older Fox Body cars so why not in his Cobra?  The first step was engine and we had one sitting and waiting for him. An MPR built sleeved Coyote engine with all the extras. Ported heads, locked cams, valve train upgrades, and much more. We also knew we were going to be using boost to get this done so we implemented the best Turbo manifolds for a Coyote from Fluid Turbo Concepts which we then modified for a custom cold side and mounting. Precission 64/66 ball bearing turbos were brought in to make the steam. The exhaust was all custom 3 inch in diameter that led all the way out the back via tailpipes keeping the street appeal to the car along with a set of custom exhaust cut outs for the track. For a control pack the PBH 6R80 PCP was the way to go supplying simple wiring solution with oem tuning capabilities. This was vital so we could control the PBH built 6r80 using all the latest upgrades including the 4R200 hub to hold the power and keep it street worthy. Out back we modified the stock 8.8 differential with a Strange S-trac differential, 35-spline axles, and 9 inch axle ends. Tig Vision outfitted the car with a 10 point roll cage with removable door bars and their parachute mount to keep the Cobra from having incident after the beams. With AC and Power Steering on board thanks to the PBH Accessory Drive Bracket kit we had the makings of killer street Fox.  Lund Racing was brought in to handle all the tuning remote via their ticket system. The result was a car that was pumping out power north of of 1200rwhp and could hit the streets for a cruise.

PBH’s Mike Chamberlain, Rich Potts, and Jake Long spent hundreds of hours putting the combo together and modifying just about every end of the car to make it right. Ex-PBH team member Harvey Hutch was even brought in to help out with some exhaust work. The build came out great and we knew we had hit the mark but it had not gone to the track. We typically finish a build like this and a track test is done immediately to see how the combo works, in this case that was not done leaving the results open ended a bit. Wayne contacted us recently and let us know it was time to see what the Cobra could do. We setup a private rental at Palm Beach International Raceway and set out for some test passes. The results were well beyond our expectations for the first few passes. 9.60 off the trailer, after review of the data log and more boost we found 8.60’s. Some more boost and tuning we found 8.40’s. On the last pass of the day we cooled the car down and Wayne was able to pilot the car to a best of 8.24@172mph.  Wayne wheeled the car all day making the passes look easy and effortless.

We want to thank Wayne for choosing PBH for his swap and look forward to getting the Fox into the 7’s, how deep? only time will tell…..