We have been asked several times for tips on removing the oem One Way Clutch type alternator pulley found on 2011-up Mustang Alternators. You may ask why would you change the alternator pulley in the first place? In some cases you might get lucky enough to get an alternator from an automatic car that does not have the clutch. If not, then changing the pulley is vital when using our Coyote swap bracket kit or our alternator relocation kit. Since we spin the alternator in reverse, the clutch does not allow charging to happen. Solution is our light weight aluminum pulley for Mustang Coyote alternators from 2011-up.

In this video, we show you what tools it takes and what it looks like to remove the oem pulley and replace it with our PBH pulleyThe tools needed are a 17mm Allen socket, 22mm socket, flat head screwdriver, and an impact gun. It takes less than a minute to pop off the old pulley and install the new one. If you have any questions about the swap, post up on our youtube video and we will be there to answer.