PBH has been doing 6R80 swaps on GT500’s for a while now. We know what is needed transmission wise and are able to utilize our proven PBH Built 6r80 transmission in both 6 and 4 speed versions. The combination of our trans and the power a GT500 packs is a stout combo. GT500 owners know it is not easy to get all that torque to the ground to run consistent 60ft times or get traction is general. The auto swap has proven to not only make the car easier to drive but we have seen them pick up over a second in 1/4 mile times. The swap is fairly involved to do so it keeps a lot of owners from diving right in. There are a lot of parts needed to get the auto in place and looking oem. That is not the taboo part though; Programming is the unknown. The ABS module, instrument cluster, and pcm all need custom programming to communicate and ensure that the car runs and drives as if it were built this way. We do have the ability to do this in house and so does anyone with the Ford IDS computer software. Without this access a job like this can not be completed hence why we do not offer complete kits for the swap.

Gene’s GT500 came to us looking for the swap and was already packing some power. A before dyno pull showed it making 715rwhp and 661rwtq with bolt on’s. We knew going auto would rob some power but the 6r80 is not known for really soaking up power so the results would be revealing to this. After the swap was completed and all programming we put it back on the dyno. Expecting some loss in power we made a pass. The results were surprisingly good. 708rwhp and 669rwtq showing very little loss at all. Gene now has a upgraded 6R80 Gt500 ready for the streets and the strip putting down the same power he had before. This setup like many before should be formidable with a competitive 60ft time now waiting in the wings.