Owosso, Michigan’s Roger Gaynor knew what he wanted when he set out to start his build. He was hunting a Ford Falcon. If you do not know the history of the Ford Falcon it is a pretty important car in Ford’s Performance history. The Falcon was the lauched before the Mustang. The Falcon’s smalle size and V8 power package would lead to the development of the Mustang released mid year of 1964. Before the Mustang, Falcons had been available for several years along side its brother in arms the Mercury Comet. Ford even went as far as to arm Performance Partner Carrol Shelby with a hopped up 1964 Falcon to test and race with the underpinnings of a top secret IRS Mustang Chassis in preparation of its release. So its no surprise that there is still a lot of passion out there for the economy car that never got the big spotlight. Guys like Roger love the smaller size of the Falcon, its simple elegant look, and the fact that they are similar to Mustangs in many ways.

Roger had owned a 63′ in his high school days and reluctantly had to let it go. He owned a succession of other Fords after the Falcon had left staying loyal to the Blue Oval. After years of different cars and lots of shows he knew what he wanted this time around. This 63′ was found in a Chicken Coupe in Iowa. Not an unlikely place for this bird, the Ford Falcon’s are littered all over the world as they could be had for a few thousand dollars in their day. His, like most, needed a lot of TLC(tender loving care). The car had been left to sit waiting on a new lease on life. Once Roger got the car home he did not have more than a rusty set of floor boards and beat up panels. He gives a lot of credit to good friends for all the help to get the 63′ from its found state to show stopper in a little under a year.

Roger went into the project knowing that he wanted a Coyote power plant. Along with that he wanted to use the all new 6R80 Transmission as well. This is where Roger and PBH cross paths. He contacted us about the build and we had a few solutions for him to add onto the Falcon project. Our Coyote Swap Accessory drive bracket kit was the first allowing him to relocate the alternator and make room in the engine bay of the car. Falcons are small cars and Coyotes are big engines so space was at a premium in the bay. Using the 6R80 would not of been easy if it were not for our 6r80 Swap Body Harness to plug the donor vehicles engine and transmission harness into the PCM. Once those things were outfitted Roger had the powertrain under control and ready to move onto completing the build.  The result is a custom Falcon with the best of the Blue Ovals offerings. We congratulate Roger and anyone that helped him with the build. We are also proud to be part of these builds, knowing that our products help make these builds happen is a feather in our cap. We look forward to working with Roger and anyone else out there looking to build a custom ride with Coyote and even Ecoboost power in the future.