Power By The Hour Performance has worked with Lund Racing to build some very unique and powerful bad ass rides in the past.  We have worked together to develop the 4R200 hub for the 6R80 transmission and it has been a success both on and off the track.

The Blue Goose from Lund Racing is an animal of their making but bears the fruits of all the knowledge gained from years of tuning and modifying. The transmission in the car is a PBH Built 6R80 wtih our 4R200 hub on board. It has acted as the test bed for all the development of the tuning related to the new gearing supplied by the installation of the hub. Lund and their team of calibrators lead by Jon Lund Sr. have pushed the limit of their combination and are finding speed at every change. Now, they have reset the 6R80 record in the 1/4 mile previously held by Brett Lasala of MSR Racing. A record that had eluded Lund Racing for some time although it they were never far behind.

The car had previously reset the record but time at the top was short lived has Lasala had bested the Goose the following week. After a refresh and some updates to the 3700lb S550 IRS GT the Lund Racing team has laid down an all new best of 7.67 @ 183.5mph. A ridiculously fast time for a car that has plenty of LBS to shed and is still using a factory style IRS in the car. Piloted by Lund Sr. the Goose went to a private rental where conditions were less than favorable. Battling 90 degree air and 2800DA is not easy to do, even harder when your trying to reset a record. They got it done and did it with a clean pass where the 60ft was not their fastest. So what does this mean? well it means that if they combine the data from this pass and add their fastest 60 ft to date potentially this car is in the 7.50’s. We are looking forward to seeing them try to make that happen and all with a PBH Built 6R80.

Congratulations to the Lund Racing team on this record.

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