The cooling system on the Coyote  engine is compatible with most vehicles. We find that if you have a heater, your really just need stock coyote heater hoses to connect to your heater core. If you are not running a heater that is where the fun begins. Typically one would have to modify the driver side hot water pipe or cap off one of the legs. Results in both cases could be mixed. In steps this Hot water bypass kit. The kit will allow Gen 1 Coyote engine owners to remove both hot water pipes and replace them with these billet aluminum adapters that convert the port over to a barbed fitting. Then you can connect both sides of the engine with a supplied hose and clamps making the bypass a breeze.

Made in the USA we have this kit on the shelf ready to ship. Order yours here today.

*Gen 2 passenger side water pipe has different spacing on bolt pattern, updated part will be available soon. Current fitment is Gen 1 only unless you slot the mounting hole for additional clearance.