We have released our all new Feed Port Relocation Kit for 4.6L Modular Ford Power Steering pumps. These pumps are used in all of our Speed Drive systems for the 5.0L Coyote engine. The Speed Drive’s have been well known in the Mustang Coyote Swap world and have now found use in the Hot Rod and Street Rod community. With this we ran into some room constraints related to the Power Steering pump when installed with our bracket. The Modular Ford pump has a feed port found on the side that extends from 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. This extension prohibited use in many applications where aftermarket chassis or frames were tight to the engine. When combined with our new Early Ford, F100, Hot Rod, and Street Rod Speed Drive kits we were able to remove over an inch of needed space from the kit. This combination now clears even the tightest of suspension included the Detroit Speed Alumaframe.

The kit includes a -10an adapter fitting that replaces the service port on the rear of the pump, fitting o-ring,  and a plug to cap off  the oem Feed port. The fitting is a custom designed and machined piece specific to this application. We took care to ensure that the design followed the same function as the service port plug while also ensuring the restriction of flow into the pump from the reservoir. We have tested this system on our in house racer and found there are not drawbacks to the feel of the steering by moving this inlet.

Available now for $39.99, this fitting kit is made here in the USA just like all of our products.

SKU: PBH-602

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