The Team at Lund Racing have been instrumental in the development of our 4R200 hub for the 6R80 transmission. They have been running them in both their Grey and Blue Goose Mustangs. The Grey is the Fluid Turbo Concepts development car that has been been used to figure out combos for some time now. The Blue is an S550 that has seen several impressive setups from NA to Vortech Supercharged all the way to now where it has a Twin Turbo system from HPP. The power combo utilizes a LM Racing Engines 10.5;1 compression Coyote with off the shelf Comp Cams Stage 3 cams, Slawko ported heads to make over 1300rwhp. A combination of both UPR and Steeda suspension help the stock style Gforce IRS put the power to the ground. 60ft times have dipped as low as 1.18 which is mind bottling!

This new record is the first time the 4R200 has dipped into the 7 second arena proving that not only does it make the 6R80 transmission strong but helps improves gearing overall. The combo reacts well to the 2.74 first gear on the launch and only having 2 shifts to find 1-1 in the trans makes the passes that much easier to manage both behind the wheel and in the tuning. The 6R80 Transmission is treated to all new GPZ frictions, Boninfante Billet intermediate shaft, modified center support and our 4R200 hub. All products you can purchase right through PBH to build your own record breaking ride.

We want to congratulate the Lund Racing team on making it happen. We hope to see them only improve on this in the future as more challengers are coming to the table to reset the record.

Check out the 4r200 hub here

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