Some of you may already know about Joe Basile’s PBH Built GT. It is running a Fluid Turbo Concepts twin turbo system that PBH had hand in developing. Joe’s car is know as the 20 inch tire 8 second monster from years past. Before the recent trip to Bradenton to attend the Spring Break Shootout held by NMRA we made some changes to the car to see what we could get out of it. We upgraded the current twin turbo system by adding an additional intercooler, Lund Racing updated the tuning, and we went to a smaller rear wheel. We did not go crazy, dropping from a 20″ drag radial to a 17″ was all. The turbo system changes meant that we would have to add some hood pins and would also mean that we would have to remove the hood latch. The removal of this hood latch is officially the only item we have removed for weight savings.

Upon arriving in Bradenton, we knew we had a solid base to start with and looked forward to consecutive 8 second passes well below our previous mark. A few passes in to the weekend and some updates from Lund Racing we were knocking on the door but now punching through it as expected. Round after round we go quicker and were able to find the speed we were looking for. Joe Basile himself at the helm, he was able to cut a 1.4 60 foot and pilot the car to an 8.56@165mph. That is a rocket considering we were at about 4150lbs at race weight.

We want to thank Joe for being a great customer and honestly doing a great job behind the wheel. Look for this car to get some further updates soon and shoot to go even quicker setting the pace for all those heavy weight contenders out there.


-PBH Built 6R80 automatic transmission with Circle D converter and transbrake

-PBH Built 8.8 differential with Wavetrac Posi

-MPR Built Coyote engine

-PBH Built custom Fluid Turbo Concepts twin turbo system

-Wilwood big brake system front and rear

-Lund Racing custom tuning

-Tig Vision Ice tank and Anti roll bar

-Maximum Motorsports suspension

-Fore Innovations E85 fuel system

-Injector Dynamics ID1700 injectors




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