PBH Performance offers various Ford 6R80 transmission swap components to help make your Coyote swap smoother. This includes our control pack, body harness, swap-ready crossmember, PCM custom flash, shift lever, and more. We also offer fully built 6R80 transmissions, rebuild kits, and torque converters. Contact us for special 6R80 needs – we’d love to help.

We offer a variety of components to make 6R80 swaps easier. Our most popular product offerings in this category are easily our 6R80 Control Pack and our 6R80 Transmission Harness.

For our control pack, we put together a kit to help put the 6R80 6-speed automatic transmission behind any Coyote or GT500 engine swapped build. Using a factory PCM with a custom flash we can control both engine and transmission in one module, no need for any secondary controllers that might have some limitations.

Our unique transmission harness uses OEM connectors, is completely loomed, and labeled. The blunt leads are to simplify speedometer connection and are clearly labeled. The O2 Sensor leads are extended so aftermarket extension harnesses do not need to be added for long tube or custom header design.

All of our PBH products are made here in the USA.