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Planning a 5.0 Coyote engine swap? PBH Performance offers unique bracket kits which allow you to use the accessories from any 1996-2010 GT/Cobra V8 – all brackets, hardware, tensioners, and belts are included. We are the coyote swap experts and have kits for many popular swap projects, and even some not so popular. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a Fox Body, an SN95, a Bronco, or something different. Browse our Coyote Swap category to find the parts you need for your build.
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Modern and Vintage Coyote Motor Swaps

Coyote swaps and conversions are becoming extremely popular, whether it be a fox body coyote swap, SN95 chassis, pro touring build, vintage Bronco and F-series trucks, etc. Each swap has its own challenges. Set yourself up for success by getting the right parts for the project and avoid some of the headaches. Give us a call to discuss your build today. This is our specialty, and we can help steer you in the right direction.

6R80 Coyote Conversion Solutions

Looking to run a 6R80 6-speed automatic behind your Coyote or GT500 swapped project? Our 6R80 control packs and swap harnesses come with everything you need to get the job done. Browse our 6R80 Swap Solutions and get all the parts you need to complete your conversion.

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