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    We have released our 6R80 and 10R80 cooler fittings. These fittings are designed to allow replacement of the factory cooler lines for upgraded coolers or in the case of doing a Coyote powertrain swap where a factory cooler can not be used.  Our fittings will go in the factory ports on the side of the trans and supply a -8an fitting that can be rotated 360 degrees with out colliding with one another. The bracket supplied can be installed once the fittings are in place and are held down with supplied hardware. They are made here in the USA  and anodized black with PBHPERFORMANCE.COM script. Here is what you get in the kit:
    • 2 x PBH Performance 6R80/10R80 fitting adaptors with orings
    • 2 x 90 degree -8an fittings
    • 1 x fitting hold down bracket
    • 1 x bracket bolt


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    Wondering what cable and shifter to use in your swap? Our exclusive shift lever allows any AODE or 4R70W shift cable to operate the 6R80. Now you can use any AODE or 4R70w compatible shifter with cable to operate the all new 6speed auto you installed. Includes ball stud and bushing.
  • This shifter cable bracket from Performance Automatic is designed to utilize the Mustang 6r80 shifter cable on the F150 transmission case. The F150 transmission does not have the two mounting points that the mustang has from the factory leaving no mounting point for the Mustang cable. -Compatible with 2011-2017 Mustang and F150 transmission cases. -some trimming of the transmission pan and gasket may be necessary. -only works with oem Mustang 6R80 Shifter cable from 2011-17.  


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    All new from PBH is another product to help you utilize the 6R80 Automatic Transmission to its fullest. Our shift stop bracket is designed to help limit shifter lever travel in cases where the shifter being used has more positions than the pcm will recognize. This is especially important when using a shifter that has multiple gear selections and utilizing a Select Shift style Coyote PCM or controller. As an example, the use of this bracket would help a coyote swapped car with a 6r80 using a 4r70w shifter. The shifter would have P-R-N-D-2-1 but the pcm only recognizes P-R-N-D-S from a 2013-up Coyote pcm. In this case the bracket would be used to limit the travel of the shift lever at the transmission to not allow it to go beyond S or 2 as indicated on the shifter. For more information watch the install video here in this product listing or on our Youtube channel.
  • PBH 6R80 Select Shift Switch


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    Looking for a simple solution to adding a select shift switch to your 6R80 swapped project? We have had a custom switch designed that will wire in easily to our Powertrain Control Pack Body Harness. The switch has both momentary up shift and down shift built into it along with a lit background. This is the switch mentioned in our 6R80 PCP instructions.    
  • 6R80 Separator Plate Kit


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    PBH now is offering a Separator Plate Kit for anyone installing a 6R80 transmission behind either a 5.0L Coyote, 5.2L Roadrunner, 5.4/5.8L GT500, 4.6L, and 5.4L engines. This kit comes with brand new oem components from Ford. The Separator Plate, Inspection Plate, Bellhousing Bolts, Inspection Plate bolts, and Torque Converter Nuts. Take the guess work out of figuring out hardware, order your kit today. Kit works with both Gen 1 and Gen 2 6r80 Transmissions. Included in kit: 4 x Torque Converter Nuts 7 x Bellhousing Bolts 2 x Inspection Plate Bolts 1 x Inspection Plate 1 x Separator Plate


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    Now available from PBH is a complete Transmission Cooler kit designed to work hand in hand with our 6R80 Transmission fittings, perfect for most 6R80 swaps. The kit consists of a Hayden Fanned Transmission Cooler, -8an fittings, npt adaptors, and 20ft of -8an line. The Cooler: -Patented Baffle Turbulation design cross directs fluid for optimal performance and peak cooling. -High flow compact design allows increased heat transfer over 20,000 BTU/HR with minimal space required for installation. -Pre-drilled brackets allow for easy installation. -JIC Male Flare Fitting (-12 AN) for maximum fl ow 1-5 GPM Electric Fan: -8” HD electric fan -Heavy duty, high performance four pole motor for increased output & endurance -Staggered angle, high velocity blades to maximize airflow -Molded stabilizer ring to reduce airflow by-pass  
  • 6R80 Flexplate Kit


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    Now available from PBH is a Stock OEM 6R80 Flexplate kit. The Flexplate is stock replacment from the 11-17 Mustang. It has an 8bolt pattern for the Coyote Crankshaft. It can be used on other Modular Ford 8-bolt crankshafts from the 4.6L, 5.4L, and 5.8L engines. The kit comes with 8 factory bolts as well. Included in the kit: 1 x 6R80 Flexplate 8 x Flexplate bolts
  • Select Shift Pin Out Kit


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    If you have purchased a Ford Performance Coyote Control Pack for a 2015-17 Gen 2 engine with 6R80 Automatic transmission then Select Shift is not an option direct from Ford Performance. It can be added to the harness but the pins are not supplied to do so. We have sourced the pins needed to be added and drawn up instructions for how to wire them up for a few different applications. There is not tuning needed to complete this. Simply find the Body Harness connector on the PCM, remove the connector lock, insert pins as shown in the diagram, and wire to switch of your choice.  
  • Stifflers Crossmembers

    We have expanded our offerings from Stifflers. We now offer the entire catalog of Crossmembers for Ford and GM transmissions alike. Below in the drop down menus you will select your transmission followed by year of Mustang it will be installed into. This will allow you to select the exact part number needed to get the job done. There are options for upgraded solid bushings to replace the poly units included with the crossmembers. Additionally for manual and some auto applications, you can select poly mounts. Crossmember kits do not come with transmission mounts. All Stifflers Crossmember kits include: -single tube design for light weight and strength -polyurethane bushings for chassis mounting(can be upgraded to solid) -direct fit brackets and hardware -detailed instructions Manual transmission kits for T5, T45, T56, T3550, T3650, TKO500, TKO600, G101A, MT82 Auto transmission kits for 6R80, AOD, AODE, 4R70W, C4, C6, TH350, TH400, POWERGLIDE Stfflers crossmembers are designed for 79-04 Mustangs.
  • Stifflers 6R80 10R80 MT82 Transmission Mount


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    Making a custom Crossmember for your 6R80, 10R80, or MT82 transmission? this mount is a great place to start. Stifflers offers you their adjustable mount with poly bushing to bolt to the back of the transmission. Once on, you can then fabricate your crossmember to work with it. The single through bolt design really makes it a breeze to make these powertrains work in any chassis.
  • Coyote Swap Starter Motor


    Dropship item

    • Fits 5.0L Coyote, 4.6L, 5.4L or 5.8L Modular RWD with manual transmission and select automatic transmissions (see below)
    • Compact construction, great for header clearance
    • Weighs approximately 6lbs
    • Includes starter cables
    • Must use diode protected fenderwell solenoid when used in non-production applications.
    • Note-does not work with 6R60 or 10R80 transmissions
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