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  • For Coyote swap customers utilizing the PBH Coyote Swap accessory bracket kit with 11-up GT/Boss alternator you must run a clutchless pulley. All manual transmission cars and FRPP Boss alternator kits come with a clutch style pulley. Trying to use this setup with PBH brackets will result in an alternator that spins but does not charge. These pulleys are machined out of aluminum and also are much lighter than stock. All pulleys are anodized black.
  • Now available from PBH is our Coyote alternator up-fitter kit. If you already have our Coyote Swap Bracket kit using the 96-2010 alternator and would like to upgrade to the coyote alternator this is the kit to do so. This Alternator kit is the same unit offered in our complete kits.  The up-fitter comes with all the needed spacers and hardware for NA Application. Detailed instructions are also supplied. Details: -works with all 2011-up Coyote Mustang Alternators. -proudly made in the USA -includes detailed instructions and hardware -must use non clutch alternator pulley. If you need a pulley here is the link. -works with PBH Coyote swap AC and Power Steering brackets. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Naturally Aspirated version  *THIS IS ONLY THE ALTERNATOR BRACKET. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE KIT. THERE IS NO BELT OR TB SPACER AS IT IS DESIGNED TO BE AN UPFIT TO AN EXISTING KIT WHERE THOSE COMPONENTS WOULD ALREADY BE ON THE ENGINE. IF YOU NEED A COMPLETE KIT PLEASE REFER TO THAT SECTION OF OUR CATALOG.
  • This is the OEM Coyote alternator that will work with our Coyote swap brackets in either the NA or SC setups. OEM Ford Motorcraft with a 2 year unlimited mile nationwide warranty. Comes with pulley and plugs right into FRPP control pack. Comes with needed clutchless aluminum pulley for use with PBH Coyote Swap Accessory Brackets.
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