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    Power By The Hour Performance is proud to introduce you to yet another innovative product. After working and racing with the 6r80 automatic transmission for years we found a weak spot in the forward planetary. In testing we found that by making a hub to replace the planet, we could also manipulate the gear ratio. Working closely with our tuning partners at Lund Racing we came up with the 4R200 hub. By installing the 4R200 in your 6R80 you will be changing the load on weak links in the Power Gears (1-3). These weak links are commonly identified as the OD clutches, intermediate shaft, and the forward planetary. In the case of the 4R200, the factory foward planetary is completely replaced. Subsequently changing the gear ratio in the 6r80 all while keeping Overdrive, Converter Lock Up, and trans-brakes. The new gear ratio will help make launching even more consistent and keep the transmission in gears longer to help alleviate shift anticipation issues. The 4R200 is made of 7075 Aluminum. 4R200 GEAR RATIO   2.74 1ST/1.54 2ND/1 TO 1 3RD/.69 4TH(OD) Recomended rear gear ratios for the 4R200 are 3.31-3.55 for 170-200mph top speed with 28" tall tire. For 165-170mph use 3.55-3.73. Installation of the 4R200 can be done by any qualified technician. There is no machining needed as it is a direct replacement for the factory forward planetary. Custom tuning is required to get the transmission to shift as needed for the new gear ratio. Lund Racing will supply a base file for 3 speed only and for SCT devices. Consult your tuner or converter supplier for any needed updates to gearing or changes to maximize your performance with the 4R200. 4 = 4 SPEED R = REVERSE 200 = CAPABLE OF 2000 FT/LBS OF TORQUE MANUFACTURED PROUDLY IN THE USA!
  • The best way to make sure your coyote swap will be successful is to buy the right parts. We have been manufacturing coyote swap specific parts since 2013 and our coyote swap accessory drive bracket has been our most popular item. Designed to use factory modular Ford Power Steering pumps and AC compressors from 1996-2010 Mustang GT along side the 2011-17 Mustang Coyote Alternator. This combo delivers a very oem finish with easy to get parts. It is also compatible with select superchargers. The PBH Performance bracket kit allows the ability to add on the needed power steering pump that Ford did not have on the coyote engines from the factory. Our bracket kit is designed to add the AC compressor and power steering pump from the 96-2010 Mustang GT not only onto the coyote engine but put them in their stock locations. For 1979-2010 Mustang owners looking to swap this means that stock AC and power steering lines can be reused or added for donor vehicles. Pick up a VMP or Roush Supercharger kit and our supercharged bracket kit to keep the same power steering pump and ac compressor while adding the positive displacement supercharger. (kit only works with listed superchargers). All brackets are machined out of billet aluminum and anodized with a black finish.  All brackets were designed to keep the accessories tight to the block. This in turn maximizes room in the engine bay.  Order yours today for your engine swap.

    Highlights of the Coyote Swap Accessory Bracket Kit:

    • Allows use of  Power Steering pump on Coyote engine
    • Works with 2011-up Mustang Coyote alternator only. All alternators must have clutch-less pulley
    • Kit comes with brackets for all accessories, hardware, belt tensioner, and serpentine belts
    • All accessories retain factory position(96-2010) allowing original hoses and harnesses to be used
    • Brackets are made in the USA
    • Machined out of Billet Aluminum
    • Maximizes room in engine bay

    Product Fitment:

    • All kits work with AC Compressor and Power Steering Pump from 1996-2010 Mustang GT
    • Kit works with Musting timing cover only from 2011-18
    • Optional Supercharger fitments include VMP,Roush, and Rear Feed Whipple Supercharger systems for 5.0L Coyote!
    • Newer design timing cover required(refer to gallery for photos of the timing cover)
  • Figuring out cooling components for any supercharger system can be a big task. When doing a Coyote Swap its a bit harder as the components typically supplied in the SC kit do not work on the chassis you are working with. PBH has put together 3 different systems that can be used with any Positive Displacement Supercharger system. We looked at three applications that seem to come up all the time; Early Mustang, F100 Trucks, and Fox Body Mustangs. Working with our suppliers we came up with the essentials needed to keep your IAT's happy. Here you can choose from three different cores that we feel would fit these applications the best:
    • 23.5" x 6.75" x 2.75" core for Fox Body Mustangs
    • 14.25" x 18" x 2.75" core for F100 Truck
    • 18.25" x 12.75" x 2.75" core for Early Mustang
    All kits come with 3/4" hose, unions, 90 degree ends, Ford Performance inter cooler pump, connector for pump, mounting bracket for pump, and clamps. Fox Body kits also come with a Canton Racing inter cooler reservoir. Early Mustang and F100 applications do not require a tank as they come with radiator cap. No mounting brackets are included with the heat exchanger so installers will have to fab brackets to mount the core. All cores do have mounting tabs.
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