Naturally Aspirated 5.0L Coyote Speed Drive for Modular Ford Compressor

»»Naturally Aspirated 5.0L Coyote Speed Drive for Modular Ford Compressor

Naturally Aspirated 5.0L Coyote Speed Drive for Modular Ford Compressor


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The best way to make sure your coyote swap will be successful is to buy the right parts. We have been manufacturing coyote swap specific parts since 2013 and our coyote swap accessory drive bracket has been our most popular item. Designed to use factory modular Ford Power Steering pumps and AC compressors from 1996-2010 Mustang GT along side the 2011-17 Mustang Coyote Alternator. This combo delivers a very oem finish with easy to get parts. It is also compatible with select superchargers.

The PBH Performance bracket kit allows the ability to add on the needed power steering pump that Ford did not have on the coyote engines from the factory. Our bracket kit is designed to add the AC compressor and power steering pump from the 96-2010 Mustang GT not only onto the coyote engine but put them in their stock locations. For 1979-2010 Mustang owners looking to swap this means that stock AC and power steering lines can be reused or added for donor vehicles.

All brackets are machined out of billet aluminum and anodized with a black finish.  All brackets were designed to keep the accessories tight to the block. This in turn maximizes room in the engine bay.  Order yours today for your engine swap.

Highlights of the Coyote Swap Accessory Bracket Kit:

  • Allows use of  Power Steering pump on Coyote engine
  • Works with 2011-up Mustang Coyote alternator only. All alternators must have clutch-less pulley
  • Kit comes with brackets for all accessories, hardware, belt tensioner, and serpentine belts
  • All accessories retain factory position(96-2010) allowing original hoses and harnesses to be used
  • Brackets are made in the USA
  • Machined out of Billet Aluminum
  • Maximizes room in engine bay

Product Fitment:

  • All kits work with AC Compressor and Power Steering Pump from 1996-2010 Mustang GT
  • Kit works with Musting timing cover only from 2011-18
  • Optional Supercharger fitments include VMP,Roush, and Whipple Supercharger systems for 5.0L Coyote! Will also work with Procharger systems with modification(N/A kit)
  • Newer design timing cover required(refer to gallery for photos of the timing cover)

PBH Accessory drive bracket system also works with these known Chassis builders suspension:


No Limit Engineering specializes in custom suspension for vintage trucks.


Detroit Speed is an industry leader in state of the art suspension for vintage Mustangs and much more.

PBH Brackets are used by KC’s Paintshop for Coyote Powered Builds.






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Alternators, Power Steering Pumps, and AC Compressor

Complete Accessory Kit with Modular Ford Compressor

Complete accessory pack for your Coyote Swap. This kit takes the guess work out of selecting the right parts to complete your swap. Bolts directly up to PBH Coyote Swap Bracket kit.

This accessory pack includes the following items:

-Coyote Alternator with pulley

-1996-2010 Mustang GT AC Compressor complete

-1996-2010 Mustang GT Power Steering pump with pulley

Price includes core charges and all parts are backed with a 2year unlimited mileage warranty from Ford.

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Coyote Alternator with Pulley

This is the OEM Coyote alternator that will work with our Coyote swap brackets in either the NA or SC setups. OEM Ford Motorcraft with a 2 year unlimited mile nationwide warranty. Comes with pulley and plugs right into FRPP control pack. Comes with needed clutchless aluminum pulley for use with PBH Coyote Swap Accessory Brackets.

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Power Steering Pump

Recommended Power Steering Pump for our Coyote Swap Bracket kit. The pump is re-manufactured by Ford and comes backed with a 2 year unlimited mile warranty serviceable at any Ford Dealer nationwide. This pump does not come with pulley, the pulley is available in the Coyote Swap section.

Price includes Core charge.

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Coyote Swap Power Steering Pump Pulley

Recommended Power Steering pump pulley for our Coyote Swap Bracket kit. This pulley is the correct size for the belts supplied and the pump offered on our page. If you are not using the pump recommended on our site, check your application to see if the unit being used will apply.

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A/C Compressor

Recommended AC Compressor for our Coyote Swap Brackets. This AC Compressor is re-manufactured by Ford and comes complete with Clutch, Field, and Pulley. The compressor is also backed by a nationwide 2 year unlimited mile warranty by Ford.

Price includes core charge

Available on backorder

Modular Ford V8 AC Delete Pulley

This OEM quality A/C compressor delete pulley is just what you need when removing air conditioning from you Modular Ford V8. It can be used with our Coyote Swap Brackets to eliminate the compressor from the drive. It will bolt on just like the a stock unit and line right up.

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