Now from PBH is a Harmonic Balancer kit for use with our Coyote Swap Accessory drive. Our bracket kit is compatible with 2011-up 5.0L Coyote engines from the Mustang. Unfortunately Ford made some changes to the F150 timing cover making it incompatible with the PBH brackets.  The items that are needed to make it compatible are as follows. The timing cover, Alternator, and Harmonic Balancer. Some F150’s had a 4 rib belt drive, if your donor vehicle had this, then you will need this balancer. If your F150 Coyote engine has both 6 rib grooves on the balancer, then you are good to go and will not need this item.

Before ordering, visually check yours to ensure it is needed. If you are unsure, just snap a photo and email it to us

*Balancer kit comes with replacement oem crank bolt. It must be changed due to it being one time use.