Now available from PBH is a fuel system specific for the Coyote Swap of an S197 GT. Our system comes with a drop in fuel pump and sender for the oem tank that has a 255lph fuel pump. The pump assembly is a direct replacement for the oem pump and PBH add’s the -6an return line fitting to complete your return style modification. Additional to the pump, we include 40ft of 235 series fuel line, 8 x straight -6an fittings, oem Coyote fuel rail an adapter fitting, fuel pump feed adapter fitting, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pressure gauge, fuel filter housing, fuel filter, and fuel filter mount. All the pieces you need to get the fuel system routed on your Coyote Swapped 2006-2009 GT in one kit.

Included in the kit:

  • 40ft of Series 235 E85 compatble fuel line
  • 8 x -6an straight fittings
  • 1 x oem coyote fuel rail to -6an adapter fitting
  • 1 x fuel pressure regulator with fittings and gauge
  • 1 x fuel filter housing with 10 micron stainless filter and mounting bracket
  • 1 x direct replacement fuel hat with 255lph pump and return fitting