All new from PBH is another product to help you utilize the 6R80 Automatic Transmission to its fullest. Our shift stop bracket is designed to help limit shifter lever travel in cases where the shifter being used has more positions than the pcm will recognize. This is especially important when using a shifter that has multiple gear selections and utilizing a Select Shift style Coyote PCM or controller.

As an example, the use of this bracket would help a coyote swapped car with a 6r80 using a 4r70w shifter. The shifter would have P-R-N-D-2-1 but the pcm only recognizes P-R-N-D-S from a 2013-up Coyote pcm. In this case the bracket would be used to limit the travel of the shift lever at the transmission to not allow it to go beyond S or 2 as indicated on the shifter.

For more information watch the install video here in this product listing or on our Youtube channel.