In response to certain companies that can not come up with their own ideas that they have to copy ours, we are having a sale. That is right, you can now get this bracket from the original builder/designer cheaper than ever or anywhere else. $59.99 with free ship to anywhere in the usa.

Our brackets are so good even the competition can not come up with anything better.

We are now offering our Coyote Swap bracket kits in individual pieces. Now you can purchase the AC Compressor bracket by itself to help with your Coyote swap. This bracket kit only works with 96-2010 ac compressor from GT Mustangs. This kit will mount the AC compressor in the stock coyote location and line it up with the inner belt. Hardware is included to mount the ac compressor and the brackets to the block.

Product notes:

*additional parts and hardware may be needed.

*no belt or tensioner included.

*for a complete kit, visit this link.

*check header clearance for installation. Some swap headers have a forward primary that collides with compressor when installed.