Now Available from Power By The Hour Performance is our base fuel system for Coyote Swapped Fox Body Mustangs. This kit is everything you need to support the 400-500hp Coyote engines found in Mustang and F150 donor vehicles in a Fox Mustang using the stock 83-97 fuel tank.

The kit comes with an Aeromotive Stealth 340lph  fuel pump and hanger. This pump works in place of the stock unit from the original 83-97 fox mustang. Two adaptor fittings are supplied to adapt the stock fuel supply and return ports on the fuel hat to -6 an. -6 flex lp fuel line is supplied along with needed fittings to plumb the Fore Innovations fuel filter housing and regulator. All the lines are the highest quality along with fittings. Flex Lp fuel line is compatible with all fuels, is low permeable(no smell), and are easy to assemble. The fuel filter comes with stainless element and mounting bracket. You also get a fuel pressure regulator with fuel gauge to set fuel pressure with. Keeping the pump in the tank also ensures that you will not have any additional fuel pump noise as found with external fuel pumps.

We have used Fore Innovations fuel system components for years now and their products are made here in the USA and are high quality.

*all kits are designed to work with stock Coyote fuel rails.


Included in the kit:

-Aeromotive EFI Mustang Stealth 340 pump and hat for 1983-97 Mustang fuel tank

-Fore Innovations fuel filter housing and bracket

-Fore Innovations high pressure fuel regulator with bracket and gauge

-adapter fittings for stock fox fuel hat and coyote fuel rail

-an fittings for all connection points

-flex lp line with low nvh and low permeable performance (35ft)