The Coyote swap requires a return style fuel system to generate the 58psi required and do it consistantly to mimic the returnless system from the factory. If you already have a fuel pump and tank but just need the lines, regulator, and filter we have a kit for you that will let you plumb it all to the stock fuel rails. Included in the kit is the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, 35ft of fuel line, -6an fittings, and adaptor fitting for the stock fuel rail. Take the guess work out of the build and pick up this kit to supply the fuel to your coyote.

Included in this kit:

-required -6an fittings

-fuel filter housing, stainless filter, and bracket

-fuel pressure regulator, bracket, and gauge

-flex lp fuel line. no odor and low nvh

-coyote stock fuel rail fitting adaptor