Product Description

Manufacture Part number: TR6 4177

  • Lowers ignition system voltage requirements
  • Greater ignitability and performance over conventional  spark plugs
  • “Trivalent Metal Plating” has superior anti-corrosion and  anti-seizing properties
  • Increased fuel economy and lower emissions
  • Highly durable against electrical and chemical wear
  • Good performance spark plug

The NGK TR6 spark plugs are used in high performance applications including NOS, Supercharged, and Turbocharged up to 650WHP.  For HP goals above 650 PBH performance recommends using NGK BR7EF spark plugs.

Plug gap recommendations

  • 300-500HP = 0.032-0.035
  • 500-700HP = 0.029-0.031
  • 700HP +      = 0.026-0.028


Installing Spark Plugs

1. Confirm that the thread reach of the spark plug is the right one for your engine.

2. Remove any dirt or debris at the gasket seal of the cylinder head.

3. Tighten the spark plug finger tight until the gasket reaches the cylinder head, then tighten about 1/16 turn more with a spark plug wrench.