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Our Coyote Swap Bracket Lineup Is About To Get Even Better

Our Coyote Swap Accessory Bracket lineup has been used by many on different builds. From Fox Mustangs, Airboats, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Restomods, and on and on. One of the reasons they have been so suited to these builds is that not only do we offer a Power Steering solution for Naturally Aspirated engines, but [...]

Lethal Performance takes their Whipple Supercharged 2018 GT into the 9’s

  Lethal Performance specializes in Ford and Mustang Performance. They have been known to take stock GT's and Cobra's to the limit with a full compliment of products from their own lineup. PBH has been there to build a lot of these great builds over the years. Their 2018 A10 GT is just another build [...]

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