Recently we got a call from a client that owned a 2011 Roush 5XR. His inquiry was about getting better fuel economy and better drive ability from his Roush Supercharged 5.0L 2011 Mustang. We knew that tuning would be a major player in the fix so we scheduled the car for a tuning session with Lund Racing on the PBH Dyno.  The baseline numbers came in and revealed 417RWHP and 367rwtq.

The graph also revealed that there was plenty of room for improvement, but we did not expect to see the gains that we found. With the stock catalytic converters still on we began tuning the Roush. After a few passes and some changes from Lund Racing we were able to get the peak numbers to 518RWHP and 474RWTQ. Those gains are huge compared to what you leave the factory floor with. We picked up 101RWHP and 107RWTQ. The customer was floored and extremely happy with those results, they had known that the supercharged Coyote had more in it.

We decided to make one more change before getting back into the tuning. The addition of a Lethal Performance off road X pipe allowed us to squeeze even more power out of the coyote. After some pulls on the Dynojet 224X we knew exactly how much. Looking at the graph we had made 550RWHP and 480RWTQ. We had gained 133RWHP and 113RWTQ from just a tune. The 5XR still had a stock supercharger pulley and stock air induction. Talk about some serious gains from a tune!

So how do you get 130 more RWHP out of your Roush Supercharged Coyote, order your Lund Racing Tune from Power By The Hour Performance today!