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1911, 2018

Meet Gene’s 6R80 Swapped GT500

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PBH has been doing 6R80 swaps on GT500's for a while now. We know what is needed transmission wise and are able to utilize our proven PBH Built 6r80 transmission in both 6 and 4 speed versions. The combination of our trans and the power a GT500 packs is [...]

1611, 2018

National Speed shows of their Coyote Swap Skills

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We get to work with a lot of great builders and installers all the time due to our Coyote Swap product lineup. National Speed is just one more that has put together a great build for a customer utilizing our products. In this case a Reef Blue Fox Mustang [...]

1511, 2018

Our Coyote Swap Bracket Lineup Is About To Get Even Better

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Our Coyote Swap Accessory Bracket lineup has been used by many on different builds. From Fox Mustangs, Airboats, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Restomods, and on and on. One of the reasons they have been so suited to these builds is that not only do we offer a Power Steering solution [...]

1311, 2018

Watch The 4R200 In Action

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This video is a compilation of some of the many PBH 4R200 hub equipped Mustangs. Watch and ride with some of the fastest 6R80 cars on the planet. Dont know about the 4r200? It is a hub that replaces the factory 6R800 forward planetary. The 4R200 is a [...]

1211, 2018

Coyote Swapped 1969 Mustang “Cerberus” debuts at SEMA

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     A while back we got a call from Scott Mcmurry inquiring about a Coyote Swap for a project of his. The car was 69 Mach  Mustang he was building. We put together for him a nice FRPP Aluminator Coyote with a 2.3L VMP Gen II supercharger with our [...]

611, 2018

How to swap out the oem one way clutch alternator pulley with the PBH clutchless pulley

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We have been asked several times for tips on removing the oem One Way Clutch type alternator pulley found on 2011-up Mustang Alternators. You may ask why would you change the alternator pulley in the first place? In some cases you might get lucky enough to get an alternator from [...]

511, 2018

We catch up with Foxcast Media’s Caleb Richards and his Coyote Swapped Fox!

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Caleb Richards is working hard to make sure the Fox Body Mustang and their owners stay in the spotlight. His channel dubbed "The Foxcast" concentrates on upgrades, trends, restoration, and now Coyote Swap's for Fox Body owners. We worked with Caleb to get his project Road Warrior 2.0 done for [...]

2410, 2018

PBH Built 6R80 Transmission Breaks The ET Record!

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The Team at Lund Racing have been instrumental in the development of our 4R200 hub for the 6R80 transmission. They have been running them in both their Grey and Blue Goose Mustangs. The Grey is the Fluid Turbo Concepts development car that has been been used to figure out combos [...]

2410, 2018

New product availble from PBH for your Coyote Swap

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The cooling system on the Coyote  engine is compatible with most vehicles. We find that if you have a heater, your really just need stock coyote heater hoses to connect to your heater core. If you are not running a heater that is where the fun begins. Typically one would [...]

1510, 2018

PBH Coyote Swap Brackets on a Gen 3 Coyote

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Recently the team from Mustang Monthly Magazine was part of the 2018 Week To Wicked Mustang build. Mark Houlahan(seen in the video) and Mike Johnson are editors for the known publication. The build was a 1967 Fastback which was treated to a all new 2018 5.0L Coyote for power. This [...]

410, 2018

We catch up with KC from KC’s Paintshop at Goodguys Lonestar Nationals

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We have worked with KC and his team on a couple of projects to date. The first was a Patina F-100 that not only was Coyote Swapped, but was Roush Supercharged. Our Power Steering solutions for Supercharged Coyote powerplants have been a great fit on these builds. So much so [...]

1909, 2018

DBR High Performance and the 4R200 take on Drag Week 2018

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Hot Rod Drag Week is an annual event where hundreds of drag racers from around the world come together for a unique racing week. Now typically you have a 2 or 3 day race weekend at one track and street driving is not part of the program unless its a [...]

2108, 2018

PBH is heading to Foxtoberfest!

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PBH is heading to Foxtoberfest in Kannapolis, North Carolina October 11th-14th. The show is host to over 500+ Fox Mustangs and more. The team from host the event and is expanding it this year to include driving activities, grand opening, and an all Mustang car show. The show is [...]

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