This video is a compilation of some of the many PBH 4R200 hub equipped Mustangs. Watch and ride with some of the fastest 6R80 cars on the planet. Dont know about the 4r200? It is a hub that replaces the factory 6R800 forward planetary. The 4R200 is a solid hub so it eliminates the weaker stk planetary and upgrades the gearing in the trans to a 2.74 1st, 1.54 2nd, 1-1 3rd, and .69 OD. The addition of the hub eliminates the chance of the forward planetary shattering and helps high HP combos get more consistent. Only $799, the 4R200 is a direct replacement to the oem forward planetary with no machining required. Custom tuning is required to get it all to work and is available through PBH via Lund Racing. The 4R200 is made here in the USA

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