Caleb Richards is working hard to make sure the Fox Body Mustang and their owners stay in the spotlight. His channel dubbed “The Foxcast” concentrates on upgrades, trends, restoration, and now Coyote Swap’s for Fox Body owners.

We worked with Caleb to get his project Road Warrior 2.0 done for the recent Foxtoberfest show in Kannapolis, NC. He utilized our Coyote Swap Accessory drive bracket kit to add power steering to his F150 Coyote donor engine. The result of the hard work over the last year is great.  Both Caleb and builder Jeremy Dover worked to smooth the engine bay on the Fox and install the new powerplant. Ford Racing Control Pack was used to get the Coyote running and a JLT cold air kit was utilized to get it breathing.

The Roadwarrior 2.0 still has some more work planned for it and of course a lot more driving. Look for Caleb and his Coyote Swapped Fox at upcoming events.

To check out his website click here.

He does weekly youtube videos and podcast covering a ton of Fox Body related topics.

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