We have worked with KC and his team on a couple of projects to date. The first was a Patina F-100 that not only was Coyote Swapped, but was Roush Supercharged. Our Power Steering solutions for Supercharged Coyote powerplants have been a great fit on these builds. So much so that we got the call again for another SEMA build that was done for American Racing wheels. That truck not only got our accessory drive bracket kit, but also was backed by a PBH built 6r80 with our control pack. KC and crew continue to pump out awesome builds that utilize our Coyote Swap products to get the job done.

Coming up next for KC is the truck seen in the video that highlights a Roadster Shop Chassis and a complete update to the body and powertrain. On board is a Whipple supercharger and aluminator engine from FRPP. Look for this project to be ready for SEMA 2019. In the shop, they have a Ford Falcon under the knife that is receiving a Supercharged Coyote powerplant and next to that is a 50’s era F100 which will utilize even more PBH product to get completed. There is definitely a lot going on in Ft Worth TX at KC’s Paintshop and we are glad to be on board with them.