We recently got to visit our friends at Dovers Garage in Trenton, TN. Jeremy Dover’s name might sound familiar to you if you follow Caleb Richard’s Foxcast Media channel. The two work together to modify, restore, and race a wide range of Fox chassis cars. One of the more popular modifications being done at Dover’s Garage is the Coyote Swap. Most of those swaps are #PBHEQUIPPED.

Jeremy is able to do just about anything to a Fox Mustang. Engine bay smoothing, wiring, chassis, engine swap, etc. One of his more recent builds is not only a Coyote swap, but is Whipple supercharged as well. The entire kit came from PBH and is highlighted in this quick video.

If you are looking for a great group of guys to take your Fox Mustang too, Dover’s Garage should be on that list to seek out.

For more information on the shop, visit Foxcast Media and subscribe to their youtube channel. There are nearly daily updates on builds and trips to the track.